Small Calibrated Diamonds
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Small & Calibrated Diamonds

Diamonds  starting from 0.005  to  0.30 cts are categorised under small diamonds. They come from our own production or are sourced directly from the factories of our associates. 

We take special care to assort them to our standard grading system, in which we try to follow rules/ system applied by the leading International Diamond Certification agencies.

This ensures that our esteemed clients, always recieve from us goods which are of International grading and standard. Enabling them to concentrate on their core business that is of designing, manufacturing, distribution rather then breaking their head on quality control of diamonds and ensuring their quality. You can leave this task to the professionals at Eurobel - we have many years experience and expertise in grading and preparing diamonds as per our clients experience.

Once we receive your order, our expert based on your specific needs start to prepare the goods. Checking the quality once again to make sure that they meet your exact requirement and  needs, thereafter he will sieve the diamonds for the specific sizes ordered.

The diamonds after being prepared are well packed in a environment friendly and ready for despatch.


Just to mention, our effort is to try to ship the goods within 48 hours of receiving the order.


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